Tuesday, August 30, 2011

???.?: Periodization

In my training I do something called periodization, which means I have various periods of training intensity/routine for different goals. Training is not an all-or-nothing proposition and it recently occurred to me that eating right is the same. I always saw it as either I'm eating right or I'm not, but sometimes I think I need to step back for a second, catch my breath (so to speak) and go again.

Given that I'm really quite sick today and my body is breaking down just a little bit, I think it's time for for an easier week for both diet and training. I'm coming off the scale for a week having enjoyed my start with eating right and calorie counting and with the explicit knowledge that I'll be getting back on in about a week.

I had my best weekend ever last weekend. I had a nice 3 mile run on Saturday and an easy 8 mile bike ride. On Sunday, I had my best triathlon ever (and first run that didn't hurt like hell) and then ran a VERY solid 14 miler (I felt great). I felt the cold coming (although I thought it was just allergies). I expect to be better very soon.

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