Tuesday, August 23, 2011

177.5: Surprised

I had a really great weekend and on Monday (i.e., yesterday) was 178, but that was with some very serious working out. I guess I reaped some reward today. I honestly got on the scale thinking "I have no idea." My calorie count said I went 45 calories over, so it was anybody's guess. I'm surprised by 177.5.

In general, I find myself "slipping" more often - small slips. Ice cream here, pizza there. I'm not too fond of that and I'm not ready to give in. Today will be on track because I planned it that way - made my lunch last night and packed a lot of good things.

The good news is that my slips are small and my inspiration is big, so it's very easy for me to jump off (and more importantly back on) the right track. That's new for me and I'm not slipping entirely. The 177.5 is inspiring and it keeps me right where I want to be.

Time is going to be scarce today - trying to get in two workouts today could be tough. I'm still going to eat right though.

I'm not ready to back down.

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