Wednesday, August 24, 2011

176.5: Whoops

My plan worked to perfection and then some. I packed a bunch of good food to bring to work and it really helped because I felt hungry all day. I once again got on the scale not knowing what to expect and when I saw 176.5 I thought "whoops, I'm dehydrated." I'm tempted to hold onto it by slowly re-hydrating (gotta ponder that a bit).

The connection between stress and food or pop is omnipresent in my life and it's highlighting the fact that I experience stress more than I was aware. Given enough junk food and pop, I guess, I become less aware of it. That's a weird trade off, and not one I'm willing to make (entirely).

Exercise-wise, it's a taper week (except for running) so my overall workout load is less. I'm happy about that, but now have fewer calories to play with. Still, I need this week after three tough ones.

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