Friday, August 26, 2011

176.5: All I Had to Do Was...

I was 178 yesterday, which was OK (although I'd rather have been at 177) - so I set forth to get down to 177, and I did it (and then some). All I had to do was swim a mile, bike 18.6 miles, and run 7 miles (all yesterday evening) and just have a protein shake for dinner.

OK, I was better than it sounds (sort of). I had a great breakfast of Kashi cereal. I had a large lunch of pasta with meaty marinara sauce and then I cheated and had three awesome lemon cookies. Total awesomeness. I almost threw in the "eating right" towel then and there so I could eat more cookies. But alas, I held off and managed to limit the damage to something "moderate." Still disturbing that it takes so much to lose and so little to gain.

I also have re-started my consumption of soda - ugh. I'm not proud of that and I think know it hurts my athletic performance. Still, it does help me "get through" things at work. I know I can do those things without it - it's just a lame-ass crutch.

Today, I'd like to hold my weight. We'll see where this goes, I've been very hungry generally lately. Triathlon on Sunday.

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