Tuesday, August 9, 2011

179.0: Hit the Mark!

I had a dream last night that I was 177, but I couldn't really see the scale and the "1" was going on an off so I wasn't sure if I was 177 or 77. So much like real life - it seems that just when I get a handle, I get on the scale and I've gained 5 pounds. I was pretty sure things were going to be stable but I was also worried that my "off" day wouldn't go well. (To that end, I wound up running 3 miles with my awesome wife Jill.)

At any rate, the 179.0 is VERY good news because that 1.5 pound loss is staying. I'll lose some more weight today (although somewhat artificially) because I have a three hour bike ride, track running, and (maybe) swimming in store today. My goal today is to get in the necessary 5,000+ calories with something healthy. On the surface, that's definitely a gold-plated problem (i.e., eating that much). But for someone like me - who has such a close tie between horrible food and reward - it's a lot more difficult than it sounds.

Yesterday, I did something for the first time (maybe ever): went to a movie and didn't have anything other than ice tea (no massively salted buttered popcord and no large Diet Coke). WOW. Jill and I went out and had small custard cones afterwards, but I wasn't craving it (and it was within my caloric range for the day). Simple diet:
  • Wheaties FUEL (1 serving)
  • Chicken soup (lots of pasta)
  • Chicken breast, corn, whole grain rice
  • Trail mix
  • Small custard cone

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