Monday, August 8, 2011

179.0: Don't Step Back

I'm reasonably sure the 179 is stable, because even though I burned a lot of calories yesterday, I replaced most of them and I'm fully hydrated (well over 100 oz of H2O). It was another (mostly) healthy eating day - I did have organic pepperoni pizza for dinner. I think blogging about the cravings yesterday really helped because none of that came into play yesterday.

Today, however, is another story. Mondays are my day off from exercise (that's about to change by the way because of a marathon training program) so my caloric intake is going to be much less. My phone app tells me that I get 1690 calories. (By way of comparison, I consumed over 3500 calories yesterday.)

Probably going to do the Seattle (full) marathon - that changes my running workouts quite a bit (many more). Should really help me get (more) ready for the half in Detroit too.

Another good day.

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