Wednesday, September 21, 2011

178.5: And I'm Sticking With It

Sugar is my Achilles - that was true when I started this blog, it's true now. While I'd like to say that this blog helped - it really hasn't (yet). I'd like to be sitting here at 170 pounds, but I'm not (yet). Those are the facts. Of course, I'm not sitting here at 181 either - that's my consolation prize and I'm sticking with it. That, and the fact that I'm not light headed every time I stand up from seating. Oh, and I am eating healthier. 

In my life I seldom get things right the first time. I ran a marathon on my fourth try, I took 14 years and a bunch of schools to graduate from college, and wedding bliss came around on the second attempt. The other side of that coin is that I also seldom never quit. Minus ten is no different, I'm just in a holding pattern right now as I continue to ramp up for the Seattle Marathon.

That's my rationalization and I'm sticking with it, just as I stick with Minus Ten.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

179.0: Clarification

My awesome wife Jill pointed out to me that it wasn't entirely clear why 179.0 was an inspiration to me (from my last post), so I'll clarify. This is a "minus ten" blog after all, and I've only lost two pounds since August 4th, so what do I have to be inspired about?

Well, I'd been eating pretty much anything I wanted and I expected gain some weight but I only really gained a pound (of non-dehydrated weight) - that is inspirational to me because I know that sub-180 is stable. That's a milestone for me. That's inspirational to me because the hard work is paying off.

So then, where does that leave me? Well, right now, I'm ramping up for a marathon in November so the most important thing is to eat right, not lose weight. I'm getting faster and stronger without weighing less and frankly, I was getting light-headed frequently so clearly something wasn't right.

The difficulty, I think, is in the "freedom" I have now. I know I can eat what I want (more or less), but it's more important I eat what I need.

On a related note, I find the relationship between fatigue and eating odd. When I'm beat I wanna eat. Despite the assonance, it's pretty sad and makes no rational sense. Strange.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

179.0: Wow - Inspired

I walked up to the scale thinking it was time to pay the piper - apparently I did in my last first nutrition cycle that ended a couple of weeks ago because it said 179! I read that as I've taken a genuine step into the 170's and it wasn't artificial. But I also know it means that if I'd gone much longer not paying attention, I'd be right back in the 180's.

It also got me thinking that this balance thing is a really good idea. Huh, who woulda thunk it? So I'm inspired by where I'm at and with just over five weeks before the Detroit Half Marathon (in between is my last outdoor triathlon) I think good things are about to happen.

The hard work is paying off - and that feels great.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

???.?: Still Ignoring Weight

I should probably start re-checking the scale and my calories. I'm just not ready yet although I know that's just a lame excuse. I'm not eating horribly (yogurt with a measured single serving of trail mix for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, chicken breast and whole wheat pasta for dinner). I just like the snacks - such a strange feeling to feel so much about food.

I'm working out like crazy and feeling really great. Had some amazing running workouts in the past week. Drinking soda like it's my job (ugh) but overall, not feeling the guilt I've felt in the past (not sure that's entirely a good thing). At any rate, the path back to minus ten is within reach - but do I want to will I grab the lifeline before it drifts away?