Tuesday, September 13, 2011

179.0: Clarification

My awesome wife Jill pointed out to me that it wasn't entirely clear why 179.0 was an inspiration to me (from my last post), so I'll clarify. This is a "minus ten" blog after all, and I've only lost two pounds since August 4th, so what do I have to be inspired about?

Well, I'd been eating pretty much anything I wanted and I expected gain some weight but I only really gained a pound (of non-dehydrated weight) - that is inspirational to me because I know that sub-180 is stable. That's a milestone for me. That's inspirational to me because the hard work is paying off.

So then, where does that leave me? Well, right now, I'm ramping up for a marathon in November so the most important thing is to eat right, not lose weight. I'm getting faster and stronger without weighing less and frankly, I was getting light-headed frequently so clearly something wasn't right.

The difficulty, I think, is in the "freedom" I have now. I know I can eat what I want (more or less), but it's more important I eat what I need.

On a related note, I find the relationship between fatigue and eating odd. When I'm beat I wanna eat. Despite the assonance, it's pretty sad and makes no rational sense. Strange.

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