Thursday, August 18, 2011

177.0: Off The Wagon, But Not the Street

I was really pleased with today's weight - it only took four workouts the day before (and some disciplined eating). What was really cool is that after this morning's 1:52:00 bike ride, I was 174.5. I know, I know, it's artificial and I should avoid going up and down the roller coaster. But I was just down and am going to enjoy going up for a minute.

I've fell off the soda wagon - and while I'm a little disappointed, I'm not so much because the fact is, I haven't slept much this week and the pop really helped me get stuff done. The trick is to come off the sauce now. Still inspired, so I believe I'll come off again.

Despite the fact that I've fallen off the wagon, I'm still traveling down the street. I resisted my normal temptation to go off the reservation with that 174.5 number. I was very disciplined today with the exception of a small peanut butter sundae after my 30 minute hard run.

To me, this is disciplined:
  • 1 serving of Wheaties FUEL with skim milk (300 calories)
  • 1 CLIF bar (250)
  • Turkey breast on wheat (690 calories)
  • Sun chips (210)
  • Organic whole wheat penne, 3 servings (630 calories)
  • Chicken breast (275 calories)
  • Goldfish (140)
  • Peanut butter sundae (390)
  • Goal (start): +1680. Exercise: +2039: Food: -2886. Net: 847 (833 remaining)
Good day overall, but I guess tomorrow is a better indicator.

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