Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Minus Ten?

In January, 2010 I weighted 205 pounds. I've been skinny thin most of my life but after 40 30, it all got a lot more difficult and (not coincidentally), my eating habits got horribly worse. I started a disciplined regimen of exercise at that same time that centered around triathlon (love cycling most of all) during which I shed 25 pounds to get to 180. But now I'm stuck and I know why.
I know that if I ate anything even close to healthy, I'd not only get to my ideal (in my mind) weight of 170 pounds, but I'd be far more competitive. That's why "minus ten."

The spark that triggered this blog was provided by my friends at Wheaties FUEL because they chose me to be a 2011 Team Wheaties FUEL Ambassador (1 of a 100) . I can't talk about, and be a part of, something like Wheaties FUEL without being genuine. I mean, it doesn't matter if I look fit if I eat like trash and am more well known for my love of cookies than athletics? (No, for real.)

So thus my quest begins and here are the goals:
  1. No more soda - I'm embarrassed to say how much diet soda I drink per day. I'm sure artificial sweeteners are safe, but I'm also sure that only applies to people who don't drink as much as I do.
  2. No more Drastically reduce sweets.
  3. Eat great foods (including Wheaties FUEL of course).
  4. Execute steps 1-3 for the duration, not for a day.
So what? These goals without a plan is a lot like saying I'm going to a millionaire without bothering to think about how I'd do that.Fail to plan, plan to fail (yadda, yadda). My plan is simple: document food and liquid consumption just as thoroughly as I document my workouts (, count calories, and nark on myself here.
There you have it. It's out, it's public, and I can't take it back.
Game on.

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