Saturday, August 6, 2011

179.5: Watching Calories

I'm 179.5 - the first few pounds are always easy. One thing that's different is that my diet was balanced and I didn't crash diet (SlimFast is my idea of "balanced nutrition"). I should note that the 1600+ calories I BURNED yesterday (swim, bike, run) made it quite easy, but I didn't fill my caloric intake with a bunch of empty calories.
  • Wheaties FUEL
  • Protein shake
  • 3-egg cheese omlet
  • Trail mix
  • Pasta
  • Natural peanut butter on raisin english muffin
  • xting tea
No junk, although it wasn't all 100% natural (the pasta was a calorie filler, but not a bad one).

I was worried about getting enough calories, and I'm not altogether happy with losing an entire pound, but a pound means almost nothing because of the mystery of water. It was a better day, and that was the goal.

Biking and running today (another -1600 calories) - want to do a little more with balanced meals today (I should've had a meal with my shake for lunch yesterday).

179.5 - I emotionally view any weight for me less than 180 as a good thing, but I've been here many times. In fact, I know that 177 is right around the corner. Things have gone sideways at 175, because that's when I feel good, and the reward mechanism kicks in (along with the ice cream, Oreos, and such).

Today is a new day.

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