Thursday, August 11, 2011

181.0: Discouraging But (Probably) Artificial

Today's weight is really a step back, although it's not for eating junk. I must've just eaten too much and not burned as much as I thought. Still, no matter what, it's hard to go from 178.5 to 181 in one day without any binges, so I figure it's artificial for some reason. That's what I really dislike about my weight; it just spikes or falls and although I'd like to say "for no reason," there IS a reason, I just don't know what it is. I suspect my real weight is 179 and my earlier-in-the-day workouts yesterday are the reason why my weight spiked. Tomorrow, my weight will be equally artificially low because today I'm working out much later than normal.

I most definitely couldn't satisfy my appetite yesterday but I tracked my calories and went over by one hard-boiled egg and some trail mix. I had some mini dill pickles and now that I think of it, the salt probably forced extra retained water. 

Today is another day, but it's an interesting one because I'm going to work (I've been on vacation), which should be interesting for the caffeine/soda deal (I didn't even have any caffeine yesterday). I'm also taking a biometric test at noon, which means I have to fast until noon. Bringing my lunch for the first time in a while.

Should be interesting.

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