Wednesday, February 8, 2012

xxx.xx: New Beginnings, Is Minus 10 Inevitable?

Since my last blog post in September, we've moved to Maryland, I've gotten a new job, and I'm in a position to ride my bike to work EVERY DAY (or almost every day)!! It's unbelievable. A whole bunch of things are coming together, conspiring to make minus ten a reality. In fact, if we move where we're planning, I'll be riding almost 40 miles a day (and running six days) - is minus ten inevitable? It just might be.

Having said all that, I haven't posted since September because I really stopped trying to eat right. I was still working our pretty well, but I just lost interest in Minus Ten. I think it's partly normal; it was a very long competition season. Part of it was fear - just afraid of failing. But I know that I tend to keep trying and I thought about this blog quite often. I won't weigh myself again for a while (scale is packed away), but I'm re-invigorated.

I still can hardly believe I can ride to work every day. What a dream come true.

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