Tuesday, January 22, 2013

172.5: Holding My Own

Weight loss, like fitness, is a never-ending story of lessons learned (the hard way I guess). The latest chapter in this story occurred about a week ago. I was basking in the glory of sub 170 as you recall. Then my throat starting hurting a little.

And then Monday hit my like a rabid typhoon.

I've never gotten so sick so quickly. I immediately did what anyone would do in that situation - I bought a bag of potato chips and a quart of ice cream. (I may need professional help.) At any rate, I comforted myself, my fever broke, and I got better if not afraid to get on the scale three days later. It stepped on the scale thinking 175-176, but lo and behold, just 172.5! I think that was as thrilling as the 169 because it means that this sub 175 weight is very real. (I should know this by my body, but the number is still my barometer.)

Since then, it's been an entire week with zero training. Holy cow, that's crazy talk. I needed it, obviously, but I'm back on and while I'm not closely monitoring my weight, I'm closely monitoring my diet...with a couple notable lessons learned:

1. Don't diet without supplements. I'm simply too hard on myself not to take at least a multi-vitamin. (No doping jokes - I don't dope. OK, joke away, I still don't dope.)
2. Don't shoot for deep weight loss at the peak of winter - that's just dumb.

I'm not planning on getting on the scale for a while. When I got right to 170, I sort of panic'ed and overdid it (all) and got sick. Not worth it and not what I'm after. If I watch my caloric intake, good things will happen.

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